Carr Day & Martin - Global leaders in Equine care - product review

At the beginning of September I was approached by Carr Day & Martin about reviewing a series of products for them over the coming months and as you can imagine, I happily obliged and am tremendously grateful for the opportunity in working in collaboration with such a fantastic company.

I have used Carr Day & Martin products for as long as I can remember. Canter Coat Shine, Mane & Tail detangler, Hoof Oil; they all used to be on my birthday and Christmas list year after year but would never last long due to my patient pony happily obliging to being smothered in the various products daily.

In the sixteen years I have been using Carr Day & Martin products I've seen various changes to the unique selling points, the release of new innovative products to keep within the ever-growing and demanding equine market and most important I've seen a company dedicated to bringing both horse and rider the best they can offer. Whether it be through leather care, coat care, hoof care or health care, Carr Day & Martin are usually always the market leaders.

In February 2014 at the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) Carr Day & Martin launched a revolutionary new spray technology. Rebranding across their spray products occurred and the old time favourites such as Canter Coat Shine and Mane and Tail detangler incurred a large overturn in both look, feel and use.

The Equimist 360 spray bottle was born

With Equimist 360, all your favourite and much-loved Carr Day & Martin products now benefit from an exclusive application technology allowing horse owners to get the perfect finish every time.

Doing literally what it says on the bottle, Equimist 360 can spray a full 360°, meaning that even if your dispenser is upside down or you're wanting to reach difficult areas such as the belly and undercarriage, you can always guarantee your product has been applied.

The functional new bottles deliver a new, innovative, wider spray pattern and a fine misting application which provides a completely even distribution of the product. Even better, those with nervous or young horses can now relax whilst using the spray bottles as they offer minimal sound when in use and the continuous spraying action makes product application more acceptable to horses who previously would not tolerate traditional trigger sprays.

Gone are the days when you feared for your product leaking out of the bottle or bits were left in the bottom when you were ready to throw it away as the new packaging provides unbeatable bottle evacuation, meaning no more product is left in the bottom.

You can almost guarantee that once you've experienced this revolutionary spray technology you'll never want to use a traditional trigger spray again and with Carr Day & Martin, you don't have to.

My thoughts

Working in Marketing full-time I know and believe that companies who want to strive and be the best have to always be one step ahead of the game, whatever the project. With the Equimist 360, Carr Day & Martin have introduced a unique and innovative spray bottle which has once again put them at the forefront of the equine industry.

First of all I tried the Canter Mane and Tail conditioner and quite honestly was impressed from the word go. Working full time and juggling three horses; one being Ceaser who I'm constantly training for our next competition and the other being an up and coming youngster, time is essence in an evening or in the morning and if I can save time I will do.

The Mane and Tail conditioner is fantastic. I tested the product for four weeks and out of those four weeks I only had to use the spray every 5ish days - and that was because I wanted a top up.

All mane and tails were by far easier to brush and the product left them with a silky feeling; allowing me to run my fingers through with ease - unlike before. When it comes to turnout I'm very picky and prefer all of my horses to have a tangle-free mane and tail, so this product was simply fantastic for me. Initially I was worried that I wouldn't be able to plait Ceaser's mane after having used the spray but unlike other products that make the mane slip through your fingers, this didn't and I was still able to get 11 neat plaits with ease.

For me this trusty favourite from Carr Day & Martin has only improved with time. The new Equimist 360 bottle simply adds to the ease and use of the product making it a must have for any amateur or professionals tack box.

Second up was the Dreamcoat which initially I was sceptical about using. Having used endless products out there on the equine market to get a high gloss finish to Ceaser's coat for the show ring I can honestly say nothing had ever made me go 'wow' and he always ended up looking streaky. That was until I used the Dreamcoat range from Carr Day and Martin. Having clipped all three ponies I was wondering whether I would still get a shine from their freshly-clipped coat, however Dreamcoat does exactly what it says on the bottle and gave me the coat I've always dreamed of and the three ponies ended with a coat that gleamed.

The brand new Equimist 360 bottle adds to the experience by preventing the spray from coming out in clumps, leaving you with patches of wet bits everywhere. Together the unique non-slip formula and innovative bottle help to highlight muscle definititon and can be used anywhere to leave an ultimate high gloss finish on any horse or ponies coat. Even better, after use their is no grease nor residue left and it can be used on manes and tails prior to plaiting for a high shine finish.

Ultimately I cannot give these products any less than a 5/5. They are two must haves both in our everyday tack box and showing kit for both amateurs and professionals. I would be interested now in trying the stain remover as up to now every other stain remover I have used on Ceaser has failed to work.

If you're after a professional, unique and yet affordable and trusty product then I wouldn't look any further than the prolific Carr Day & Martin range for all your needs.

So from us, it's six ears forward from the ultimate testers and a big smile from me!

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  1. I have the coat shine and LOVE it! Will never use anything apart from it ever again. Vallu really doesn't like the spray sound, but with this it's so quiet that he doesn't mind it all!

  2. Hello, did you ever try the stain remover? I've been curious if it's any better than other options out there! Thanks!